Hotel Taiseikan (Taiseikan-Hanakajika)


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Welcome to the hotel "Taiseikan" ( pronounced "thai-say-khan"), located in Japan's Hakone National Park.

"Selected government registered Ryokan". (Registration number 940)  


We are a traditional Japanese hotel (Ryokan) in Hakone National Prak..

Our Ryokan stands at the bottom of a valley named Hakone-Dougashima Spa.

This spa area was developed about 600 years ago and is one of the oldest spa in Hakone.

We have traditional Japanese guestrooms. And we serve traditional Japanese meals in guestroom by maids wearing Kimono with traditional service style.

We have 5 hot spa sources.  Japanese style public indoor and open-air baths, a private open air bath are available. This photo is our public open air bath for men.

Guests can enjoy natural hot spa water in all of these baths and guestrooms baths.


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Guests wishing to access our Ryokan must use the private cable car from our office along National Road Route 1.

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