Enjoy taking hot springs as seeing the scenic view.  We offer a reserved exterior hot spring besides the common hot springs.

Taiseikan has 5 hot springs sources.  Our hot springs are clear color sodium chloride.

Due to the rich quantity, we serve fresh hot spring water into bathes all the time.  The bath water is never heated or reused.  All bathe water in guestrooms is also never reused.

"Noten Buro" [Exterior hot springs]
(Ladies and Gentlemen Separated)
  Enjoy taking hot springs in the beauty of a valley view differently each season.
"Kashikiri Noten Buro" [Reserved exterior hot spring]
  Discover the Taiseikan special hot springs by reserving.
"Daiyokujyo" [Large common interior hot springs]
(Ladies and Gentlemen Separated)
  This common bath, used fresh natural hot spring water, is open 24 hours.
"Ashiyu" [Foot bath]
  Relax and refresh by warming foot.  You do not need to stay overnight at the Taiseikan to enjoy this footbath.
*Hot springs is open for guests that stay overnight.  Foot bath is open to all guests.
Healing Power
Clear color sodium chloride hot springs feature warming the body well.  That is effective especially in healing rheumatism and neuralgia.  Also sulfur in hot springs has a beauty treatment affect skin by removing old skin cells.
*Our hot spring is natural and always fresh.
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